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Welcome to Librarybase, the collaborative card catalog of everything.

Librarybase is a project to organize, refine, and distribute metadata, as a complement to other projects like Wikidata or OpenAlex. The motivations behind the project are further described at Project:Principles.

Current projects[edit source]

Classes and roles[edit source]

Items are organized by class using Property:P19, with Item:Q410 as the root class item. See current list of class items on Librarybase Query Service. This is meant to bring Librarybase closer in alignment with databases like Fatcat and OpenAlex.

This differs from Wikidata's "instance of" and "subclass of" properties in that items are assigned classes according to a controlled vocabulary. This can be used instead of or in conjunction with those properties. One major departure from Wikidata is the concept of the single-edition work, used to avoid creating separate work and edition items when there is no real reason to.

One subclass is "role," which a member of a class can have. The current list of roles is available at Special:WhatLinksHere/Item:Q422.